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Back in Jakarta

Did you know that Jakarta is the most populous city not only in Indonesia but also in all of Southeast Asia? Over 10 million people live in this city, while Indonesia as a whole has over 275 million people. That’s more than, for example, in Russia, and overall Indonesia ranks fourth in population and is the largest Muslim country in the world.

Jakarta has a rich history shaped by its colonial past. Formerly known as Batavia, it was the capital of the Dutch East Indies and retains many colonial-era buildings and landmarks, such as the Jakarta History Museum (formerly Batavia City Hall) and Kota Tua (Old Town).

Kota Tua

In this city, there is a wide variety of delicious street food and traditional dishes representing the diversity of Indonesian cuisine. Food enthusiasts will find plenty of interesting options: from spicy satay skewers to hot rendang curry.


But Jakarta is also sadly known for its traffic jams, which are among the worst in the world. The traffic jams can be so severe that passengers often spend several hours stuck in traffic daily. I’ve experienced it myself many times, the traffic jams here are really intense.

Jakarta traffic jam

This is my second trip to Jakarta, and again there was little time to explore the city. The main purpose of the trip is a new passport. I finally got it. Feel the 10-year difference:

10 years difference

I hope I will find time to finally explore this city in more detail. But for now, my next destination is Kuala Lumpur.

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